Wednesday, May 19, 2010

SHOCKING VIDEO: "The Gaithers on Crack"

What does this crazy video have to do with church history?
Quite a bit...we'll find out this weekend.

Enjoy it, it's an outtake from the famous/infamous video series posted by the KRDU boys
(see, and me, their guest. You will recognize Keltic Ken as frequent visitor to LABI, and check out Hermano Vincent J. Vera's..he is the "straight man" in this video... awesome music ministry here).



  1. You guys are hilarious!!! :-D

  2. Where's the rest of this "trialogue?" I wanna hear what Vinnie had to say!

  3. Kim, he stall has that clip, and hasn't posted it yet. I think he is a bit afraid., Ask him!!!!!!!!!!!!