Syllabus and Assignments

Course: Church History-A
School:  Latin American Bible Institute-Sanger Campus
Instructor: Dave Wainscott         
Contact:  (559)974-2508
Dates: Fri. May 21, 7-10pm/ Sat. May 22, . 9am-5pm  
Classroom: Room 10, Sanger Campus
Registration: (559) 876-2213

Course description: This first class (of a two-part series) will offer a detailed overview/survey  of the history of the worldwide Christian church from the biblical era to contemporary times, drawing from the content and historical outline of the primary textbook (Hurlbut) and the  Schmitt book.

 Supplemental special focus will be given to:

-The often overlooked precursors of the contemporary Pentecostal movement
-The significant historical changes every 500 years of Church History (the Great Transformation, the Great Decline and Fall, the Great Schism, The Great Reformation and The Great Emergence), drawing from the Tickle book (book reading not required).   
-Our current juncture in  history, asking what we can learn from church history, offering theological and practical implications for the future of the church.

Primary textbook:

"The Story of the Christian Church"

by Jesse Hurlbut

Auxiliary book: "Floods Upon the Dry Ground," by Charles Schmitt

Supplemental books/articles: see "Resources" on left side of website

Assignments and grading:  
  • 45%:  Paper: Read the entire Schmitt book before the class session, and be prepared to demonstrate in class a  familiarity with the material (as well as take an exam on the book's content...see below). For one chapter  (students choice, any chapter but #1) of the book, write a  1-5 page summary/review of  the chapter (each chapter deals with a different era of church history) to be turned in at the first class session, showing that you thoroughly engaged the chapter.  

    • 15 % Attendance, Attitude and Participation
    • 40% Final Projects:
                      a) At the close of Saturday session, there will be a test over the material in the textbooks 
      and class sessions (20%)
                         b) Each student will have a chance (either in a group or oral project) to demonstrate          processing of, and attention to, the course material. (20%)
          •  Up to 5% Extra credit (CHOOSE ONE):
           a)Student can write a two-page paper on an area or era of church history that interests them, using one of the supplemental books (by Shelley or Garlow) listed on the website, or demonstrating use of five articles listed on the course website.
          b)Student can write a  two-page review/summary of the Phyllis Tickle book, "The Great Emergence"(or write a summary/review of her video summary of the book, linked on website)

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