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Martin Luther
The bulk of these pages consist of notes from the Church History classes taught in 1997-1999 at Community Bible Chapel, Richardson, Texas, USA. Appearance of material here does not imply approval by the leadership at Community Bible Chapel, although the material will be substantially similar to what was presented in class. 
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Part 1 (Early Church History A.D. 50-313)

This course was taught in early 1997. 

Part 2 (Early Church History A.D. 313-451)

This course was taught in summer 1997. 
The Bookbinder
Martin Luther's German Bible

Part 3 (Early Church History Concluded & Church History In the Middle Ages A.D. 313-1517)

This course was taught in March-May 1998. 

Part 4 (The Reformation and Early Protestantism 1517-1750)

This course was taught in Oct-Dec 1999.

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