Thursday, March 25, 2010

Great way to spend a spring weekend

One of my church history professors had a photographic memory.
That I don't have, but I will be praying I can take up his mantle, and make church history memorable..

..maybe even unforgettable!

We'll be in class together May 21-22.

It's an amazing history the church has had, full of large- than -life characters and stories; and signs of God's holy hand and our humble humanity.

And we are living today in what David Dark calls "this weird moment in history," an era that many are calling a new reformation, and a season of which Leonard Sweet says "there is no name for what God is doing now." The consensus, though, is these are historic times for our future (read the Phyllis Tickle articles, or her videos here for a fun preview..she suggests we are in a big once-every-500-years "rummage sale!").

What a joy it will be to take a look at the history of the Christian church..from Pentecost through this "weird moment." You will really enjoy our very readable textbook, and I will continue to add resources to this site. Syllabus and assignments posted here.

See you soon! Many of you are very close to graduation: congrats! You have been amazing students.


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